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A girl and her oddities.

Short stories and art by goneriding24_7
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Welcome to my artsy fartsy journal. I will write short stories fairly regularly, although, I'm a busy person and my sketches and artwork (which isn't all that great, but fun anyway) will also show up here. I craft in leather as well as draw and practice some photography. I also customize model horses. Photographs and scannings of the art will be posted here. I also knit so if I finish anything worth while, it'll be here too.

Comments are encouraged, and please only use constructive criticism. Not constructive criticism is also NOT NICE.

The point of me sharing my work is to get advice on improving it.

Soon, I will have the layout of this journal looking nice...Until then, bare with it.

You can find me on DeviantART if you look for Sircallahad, and on flickr as deadlynightshade21.